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We were with my husband in this resort, we recommend: a good rest in very good conditions,tasty cuisine, nice hosts and like home atmosphere.. Facility is very well equipped with rehabilitation devices, and for the special attention deserves pool and a sauna. Centre fully accessible for people on wheelchairs, making that person feel great here too. We'll come back here next year. We recommend this place to all.

Greetings J. R. Chojnaccy from Płocka

Sixtieth wedding anniversary we wanted to spend in a unique place. Looking at the offers on the Internet  found offer of  Dworek Słoneczko in Smołdzino. It turned out that it was a so-called bull's eye. We were welcomed there by wonderful hosts there. The resort has very well equipped rehabilitation room. Using the massage bed and exposures, my husband’s knee pain gave away. The great attraction of the resort's sauna and brine pool with water jets. Ms. Ela were spoiling us day by day with delicious home-cooked food. In Smołdzino there are many interesting places to visit. We strolled shifting sand dunes, we were on the Rowokół hill and Slowinski National Park, where you can enjoy stunning views of the lake, among others Gardno and the sea. We highly recommend holiday in the resort.

Greetings and see you soon Z. Z. Nalepowie from Wołczyn / Opolskie voivodeship

We have just returned from Valentine’s day stay and I have to admit that stay with such a great bunch of people in such a lovely place was great pleasure. The object itself is wonderful, impeccable stay conditions and great hosts ready to do everything for the sake of their guests. Mrs Ela’s cuisine is delicious that’s why I think she should also organize over week culinary workshops. If you want to come here, relax far from big cities’ hustle and bustle, feel pampered here you have 150% warranty of enjoyable stay. Thank you Mrs Ela and Mr Piotr and the resto of facility service for great holiday. We will be back here for sure!

Elżbieta i Roman Meyer, Koszalin

We sincerely thank you for such a nice time spent at your resort. Rest was great. Peace and quiet excellent cuisine and family atmosphere are unforgettable. A very big Dworek Słoneczko’s advantage is a beautiful swimming pool with hot brine, water jets, Jacuzzi and massages. To all those who want to rest and relax we highly recommend this place.  It’s purely, neatly and professionally. We hope to visit us soon again!

Greetings and see you - Iwona ze Stargardu & Ewa from Szczecin

In June, we visited Dworek Słoneczko with study-training visit. Dworek Słoneczko is perfectly suited to conduct conferences and training. It is also a great place to relax. Peace and quiet and the smell of pine forest offer the possibility of complete relaxation. The great advantage of Dworek Słoneczko resort is a swimming pool with hot brine and water jets. We thank you very uch for the nice time spent at your resort, delicious home-cooked food and a unique family atmosphere. All parties interested in the organization of conferences and training highly recommend this resort.

With best greetings - attandants of study and training visit from Burzenin Community

We would like to reccomend Dworek Słoneczko with highest pleasure as perfect place for summer holiday. Quiet neighborhood is a guarantee of a great rest and relax, and the amount of attractions or activities in resorts offer give you warranty of good time despite the bad weather. Whats more place has its own great and homey atmosphere ... it was really pity to leave. Thank you for the great time spent in Dworek Słoneczko, we will be back here soon for sure.

Greetings, tourists-cyclists

We have experienced wonderful moments of rest and relaxation. Unusually attentive care of hosts made us feel like home. Delicious home-cooked food, therapeutic baths and great conditions are these what us totally delighted.

Thank you very much - members of Housewifes’ association from Jezierzyce district

The twenty-fifth wedding anniversary we wanted to spend in a quiet, peaceful area. Quite by chance we found Dworek Słoneczko resort in Smołdzino and it turned out that this was this what we were looking for. The pine forest around, the dunes, Rowokół hill, Slowinski National Park with wonderful views and a well-delineated hiking and cycling routes are unforgettable. But these are not only advantages of this resort. Even bigger advantages are: delicious cuisine with home-cooked food, great family atmosphere created by the delectable hosts and beautiful swimming pool with hot brine, water jets and a Jacuzzi. If someone wants to take a break from the hustle and bustle, enjoy complete relaxation and feel pampered,  we would strongly recommend staying at this resort. Ms. Ela, Sir Peter - thank you again for a wonderful holiday and will definitely will get  back to your place.

Bożena & Janusz from Poznań

We have been for first time at Mrs Ela and Mr Peter’s. We have to start from the fact that the season of the year  was probably the worst possible - the end of March. Neither its winter nor spring. Wind, cold, and every hour change of the weather. It wasn’t problem for us at all – we were walking for long walks by the sea, rode bikes and very nice hosts were taking care of us making our stay unforgettable. House is situated in lovely place. Peace and quiet around, 6 km to the beach. At home everything that you could dream of - a swimming pool -you don’t feel like going out of it, sauna- you don’t feel like going out as well, but temperature 80degres Celsius mas making it impossible, massage bed, use of a treadmill, bike or rowing training. That is to start with - and apart from this- very nice rooms and delicious cuisine. Excellent and huge meals portions presented in great way. And in the yard (several thousand m2) guinea fowl, cat (sometimes also at home, but only in hosts’ part of facility- allergy sufferers do not be afraid), dog and woodpeckers on the pines. We have extended our stay as long as it was possible, and if anyone still has any doubts whether it's worth, just imagine that for full nine days we did not read a single page in any of picked up on the case of boredom books.

Greetings, we recommend this place and hopefully see you soon. Grażyna & Zenek

For a first time we have spent Christmas and we welcomed the New Year at the Polish sea.

We were looking for a stay in a small seaside village and chose Smoldzino because it is a tiny village, peace, peace, Slowinski National Park around, plenty of opportunities for walking and the outdoors activities. Just what we need, residents of large cities. Seeking for a nice offer we  hit a Christmas and New Year’s Eve offer of Dworek Słoneczko in Smołdzino. Only this object in Smołdzino and its surrounding met our expectations. Very tiny object next to the forest, near a park, several cozy small rooms (each with bathroom), brine pool, Jacuzzi, gym ... . Something for us, we thought! In addition, only the object easily took our reservation and invited us to spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve together, in nice  family atmosphere for decent wages.

The hosts welcomed us with complete sincerity. We felt a real home warmth. Something amazing! We felt as well as their family members ... and so it was until the very end of our stay. A wonderful, magical atmosphere of Christmas, a wonderful twelve or maybe more Christmas Eve dishes, abundance and variety of dishes, not only during Christmas but during the New Year's party, fireworks to welcome the New Year ... and a sincere heartfelt wishes. During New Year’s Eve we were not able to consume all prepared dishes ... because it was that so much and so delicious ... .

We extended our  stay until the end of the first week of the New Year. We were left alone because other tourists had to leave. For the hosts there was no problem. "Guest in the house is God in the house". Every day we got a hearty and delicious breakfasts and dinners. We were allowed to advice what we would like to eat and  we normally  got it. We felt so well there that it was very sorry to leave.

Thank you for the family atmosphere of Christmas, thank you for all the wonderful meals, pastries, desserts ... (to much to be listed), thank you for exhilarating fun during  New Year's Eve, fireworks ... just ... for everything THANK YOU !!!

The entire 15-day stay in Dworek Słoneczko resort  in Smołdzino we consider to be one of the best of our holiday trips -  Jagoda and Krzysztof
Also Agnieszka & Maciek , who together with us have spent in Dworek Słoneczko a few days and also truly recommending the stay here. We all live in ... Cracow. GREETINGS FROM KRAKOW!

Jagoda & Krzysztof, Maciek & Agnieszka from Kraków

I visited Dworek Słoneczko from 1st to 15th November 2014. Beautiful place surrounded by forest, peace, tranquility, clean air. Fenced area around the resort, very well organized. Interior of the object is  super clean, cozy and beautiful. Spacious rooms with bathrooms equipped as it should be. On the ground floor rooms with bathrooms adapted for disabled guests. In the whole building conditions for disabled guests flawless: super swimming pool with hot brine, water jets, water jets - in and out of the water on a special seat, super-exit stair (seat) directly to Rehabilitation/ sport  hall.

In Dworek Słoneczko resort in Smołdzino you can rest from the hustle and bustle, relax and use with no limits very well-equipped rehabilitation and sport hall. What’s more, great home-cooked cuisine with very nice homely food without quantitative restrictions. Pate baked by the owner, Ms. Ela, delicious, homely butter, eggs and other dishes created from home-grown ingredients, simply unforgettable.

Apart from all these advantages very important thing of the place is  loving care team (Mrs. Eli and Mr Peter) who care for you with  smile, warmth and friendliness. Stay in Dworek Słoneczko improved me physically, gave me the energy to overcome the hardships of disabled person’s everyday life. Ms. Ela and Mr Peter, thank you very much for such a good time spent, for the excellent care, warmth, delicious meals, excursions and for that you have created something so wonderful as Dworek Słoneczko. Brine pool, beautiful house, beautiful environment, beautiful interior, great food, great kindness and like home atmosphere made it not easy  to leave the place. Through my person Mr Małgosia  from Koszalin as well as Mr Waldek ( that was your guest not for the first time ) who stayed at Dworek Słoneczko the same time as I did, would like to truly thank you as well. They were astonished by every single detail of the place as well.

Teresa Ogrodnik